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Created within the limitations of the Covid-19 Pandemic, under the specific restrictions of Naarm’s (Melbourne) first lockdown. I would like to pay my respects in to elders past, present and emerging, who have so many of their own stories to tell. I would also like recognise that this work was created on the lands of the Wurundjeri people of the Kulin Nation upon which sovereignty was ceded. ’UnRemarkable’ is a tribute to my grandparents and speaks to the respect, Australia as a nation, must have for the immigrant experience. 


Arthur and Friedel Braun moved to Australia in the 1950s to start their family with hopes of new possibilities and the dream of prosperity. I, third generation Australian, have benefitted from their courage, strength and good fortune. I am forever grateful.


The work pictures them, reading in their living room, as I so often find them. Brightly coloured organic shapes appear to bloom and grow across their bodies. The stories of their lives, some told and some yet to be revealed. The memories appear random and disconnected, like the shapes. However, if one has the patience to sit and listen, the stories will come together in the shape of the person before you. It is likely, that you will learn something about yourself or your history from this experience. 

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