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The Materials Rebel

To challenge the traditional expectation of sculpture and painting. I have done this by using textiles and tissue paper in order to create abstract, three-dimensional compositions that are studies of form and implied tone. The form of these compositions is emphasized by the use of plain and unadorned materials. The pieces are three-dimensional and therefore could be considered sculptures. However, the works are on canvas and hung as though they were traditional paintings. It is within this grey area in which I have chosen to place my research.


I am working with textiles and tissue paper in order to explore the similarities in their materiality. I am attempting to make them seem as though they blend on the canvas. In this way, I am using painting thought-processes with sculptural mediums. By blending the tissue and textile I make them seem as though the work is one seamless piece. In this way the will not conform to the traditional parameters of either discipline.


My work uses traditional techniques and methods of thinking in unconventional ways. In the same way, my work mimics sculptures and is presented as a painting and yet it is neither. The body of work explores the bridging of these two disciplines, conceptually and through practices.

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